Wilson Cattle Company

Twin Valley Precision E161

Twin Valley Precision E161, one of the most heavily used bulls
in the entire breed.  Owned by Wilson Cattle Company and their
partners.  Bill Wilson bred the dam as well as the preceding
5 generations of cows in the maternal line.

Breeder:  Wilson Cattle Company

Principal Contact:  Bill Wilson

Farm Location:   Cloverdale, Indiana

Registered Calves Annually:  250 Approx.

Participation in PMB Program:   Since 1983

Bulls Sent to PMB Annually:  80 to 100

Female Sales:  @ Annual WCC Production Sale

Utilizes Artificial Insemination:   Yes, Heavily

Utilizes Embryo Transplant:   Yes, Heavily

Industry Participation:

  • Past President, American Angus Association, 1997
  • Board of Directors, American Angus Association, 1990 to 1996
  • Board of Directors, Certified Angus Beef
  • President, Indiana Angus Association, 1974
  • Member, NCBA
  • Member, Indiana Cattleman's Association

Other Related Activities:

  • Accomplished Cattle Judge having judged three of the major Angus shows in the U.S., namely:
    • the National Western in Denver
    • the North American International in Louisville
    • the All American Angus Breeders Futurity in Louisville
  • In addition, he has judged:
    • the National Charolais Show
    • the All American Polled Hereford Futurity
    • A large number of State Fairs for several breeds
  • Internationally, Bill has judged in Canada and South Africa

Cattle Showing - Major Accomplishments:

  • Grand Champion Angus Bulls at the National Western in Denver in 1988 and again in 1999
  • Grand Champion Angus Heifer at the National Western in 1989
  • 5 - North American International Grand Champion Angus Bulls
  • 5 - All American Angus Breeders Futurity Grand Champion bulls
  • 7 - National Western Reserve Grand Champion Angus Bulls
  • In 1988, Bill showed the National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Bull in 3 different breeds.  This had never been accomplished before, and has not been accomplished since.

Breeding Philosophy:

The WCC breeding program continues to benefit from the vast and varying experiences Bill Wilson has had in the cattle business.

WCC is  A STRONG BELIEVER IN THE USE OF EPD's to breed better cattle. The widespread use of EPD's by registered breeders has resulted in the fact that today, most Angus cattle have acceptable EPD's. Many of the most popular and heavily used bulls through A.I. have both SIMILIAR EPD's AND SIMILIAR PEDIGREES.

Bill Wilson believes the use of EPD's AND PEDIGREE alone for selection HAS LIMITATIONS. As an example, they DO NOT DESCRIBE conformation, frame size, muscling or soundness. Neither do they entirely describe performance and productivity, particularly for non-progeny cattle whose records had not been processed through the system at the time the EPD's were published.

In his view, ADDITIONAL SELECTION CRITERIA are needed to differentiate between cattle with similiar EPD's and similiar Pedigrees.

The SHOW RING is an excellent place to EVALUATE cattle for those TRAITS which CANNOT BE MEASURED BY EPD's alone. This is one reason that WCC shows cattle.

Bill Wilson has long recognized the contribution performance testing makes to the selection process. At PMB, the COMPETITION BETWEEN BULLS, BETWEEN SIRES and BETWEEN BREEDERS, as well as his ability to MONITOR the ACCEPTANCE level of WCC bulls by the COMMERCIAL CATTLEMAN, continues to exert a major influence on WCC breeding decisions.

WCC uses EVERY AVAILABLE comparative TOOL when making breeding decisions. This includes EPD's, the SHOW RING and PERFORMANCE TESTING.

Stop in and pay a visit to WCC at any time.  YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Contacting WCC - Bill Wilson:

  • Telephone:  (765) 653-2402
  • Fax:  (765) 653-2404

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