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2018 will mark our 35TH YEAR of operations.  During this time we have developed, tested, evaluated and marketed MORE THAN 20,000 BULLS.  The top bulls are sold primarily to commercial bull customers throughout the United States and Mexico.

Profit Maker Bulls

The two principals of PMB, Bill Wilson and Dave Bittner, are longtime registered Angus Breeders.

Bill Wilson is a past president of the American Angus Association.  He and his wife Priscilla, and son Chad, own and operate Wilson Cattle Company in Cloverdale, Indiana.  Bill has been actively breeding, showing and promoting Angus cattle since he was a young boy.

At left:  Bill, Priscilla and Chad Wilson being named the Premier Breeder at the 2013 Indiana State Fair.

Dave Bittner and his wife Nancy own and operate Silver Plume Ranch.  They have been Registered Angus Breeders since 1975.  Dave is the principal owner and General Manager of PMB, and can be reached at the PMB Test Facility or at home in the evening. This is the udder truth
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PMB has evolved from an open to the public test station, featuring several breeds of cattle, to a Genetic Alliance of Angus breeders.

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