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Mission Statement:

To define, organize, coordinate and implement a cooperative association of individual business entities who are engaged in various separate aspects of beef production and marketing, wherein the association will result in an increase in net income for all participants.

The following is a text based map of the new
Profit Maker Bulls Integrated Vertical Cooperative
~  Working together to Ensure Mutual Success  ~

Current Profit Maker Bulls Activities:

PMB Genetic Alliance Member & Cooperator Herds:

PMB Customers:

PMB Integrated Vertical Cooperative Contributors:

Planned Profit Maker Bulls Activities:

  • Commercial Heifer Development

  • Commercial Heifer Marketing


The DRIVING FORCE behind the PMB Vertical Integrated Cooperative is our desire to ENHANCE the PROFITABILITY of our CUSTOMER'S CATTLE OPERATIONS.

The thrust is twofold, GENETIC DISCOVERY and comparative INFORMATION to QUANTIFY the ECONOMIC DIFFERENCES in the genetics as they are employed under your management system and utilizing your feed resources.

The DATA, and the FORMAT in which the data is currently available to cattle producers, are exceedingly DIFFICULT TO USE because there is NO COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Consider the task of UNDERSTANDING the IMPACT on your operation FROM using BULLS for which you have to COMPARE more than 20 INDIVIDUAL EPD'S with the EPD's EXPRESSED in VARYING UNITS of measure.  Then think about weaning and feedlot PERFORMANCE expressed in WEANING WEIGHTS, AVERAGE DAILY GAINS, DAYS ON FEED AND FEED CONVERSION RATIOS.  Follow this with CARCASS INFORMATION expressed in HOT CARCASS WEIGHTS, QUALITY AND YIELD GRADES, AVERAGE OR GRID PRICES WITH DISCOUNTS AND PREMIUMS.  Then consider whether this INFORMATION is available for INDIVIDUAL calves or only for a GROUP AVERAGE.

Your CHALLENGE is to ASSIMILATE all this disparate INFORMATION INTO BREEDING DECISIONS (breed selection and bull selection) that will ENHANCE YOUR PROFITABILITY, not just for next year, but for the ENTIRE USEFUL LIFE of the replacements you will be retaining.


Our GOAL at PMB is to ASSEMBLE some of the pieces and to PRESENT them to you in a FORMAT that can be more EASILY UNDERSTOOD.

That format is in $$$ COMPARISIONS.

Step One  -  Evaluate Your Herd's Present Capabilities:

The FIRST STEP is to EVALUATE YOUR CATTLE.  We won't always get $1.20 for 5-weight calves, but HIGH QUALITY CALVES from producers whose calves have PREVIOUSLY been DOCUMENTED as having good performance through the feedlot, and on the rail, will ALWAYS BRING TOP PRICES, whatever the market is.

If you HAVE NEVER TRACKED your cattle through the feedlot and on the rail, YOU CAN do so WITH MINIMUM RISK by consigning a minimum of 5 steers (maximum of 10) to the PMB Customer Genetic Evaluation Trial.  This trial is CONDUCTED at the PMB Development Center TO ENSURE the conditions under which the trail is conducted will provide RESULTS whose VALIDITY is as good as it is humanly possible to derive.  The RESULTS of this trial WILL GIVE our customers VALUABLE INFORMATION including:

  • A comparison of your herd with that of other producers.
  • A benchmark from which to measure future genetic change.
  • An indication of whether you may be forgoing potential profit by not feeding your calves.
  • A bargaining chip, if results are favorable, which can be used to assist in selling your calves at market topping prices.
  • Identification of traits where improvement will enhance economic results.

Step Two  -  Evaluate the Data ~ Plan to Enhance Economic Returns:

UTILIZING the PMB Customer Decision Support System, and our free Customer Genetic Consultation Services, you can PREPARE YOUR PLAN for ENHANCING the ECONOMIC RETURNS from your cattle operation.  SET GOALS, then identify and PRIORITIZE the CHANGES to be made to reach these goals.  PMB WILL ASSIST you on an ONGOING BASIS in preparing your plan, in making Breeding Decisions, and in acquiring the genetics to make the plan work.  Afterward, PMB WILL ASSIST you in MEASURING and EVALUATING the RESULTS.

Step Three  -  Evaluating Marketing Alternatives:

Steer Calves:

When your DOCUMENTED HERD HISTORY INDICATES you have an ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY to do so, you may wish to RETAIN FULL OR PARTIAL OWNERSHIP.  If you PREFER TO SELL YOUR CALVES, we have identified Feeders who will work with us in GATHERING AND REPORTING the DATA that is needed to CONTINUE the ongoing PROCESS of enhancing economic returns.  These are Feeders we have worked with who have been satisfactorily EVALUATED through our "Steer Feedlot Evaluation Project".  This EVALUATION INCLUDES the proven ABILITY of the feeder to FEED HIGH QUALITY CATTLE to MAXIMIZE the economic RETURN of each ANIMAL, utilizing the sorting and shipping of finished cattle at optimum times, as well as selling on whichever grid offers the greatest economic return when the cattle are sold.  WE will COORDINATE the DATA COLLECTION requirements, PROCESS THE DATA through our PMB Customer Decision Support System, and MAKE sure it is made AVAILABLE TO YOU.

Heifer Calves:

When your DOCUMENTED HERD HISTORY is established, we will ASSIST you in MARKETING your REPLACEMENT QUALITY HEIFERS in one of several ways:

  • Through Private Treaty Sales from inquires we receive.
  • Through Listing on the Customer Sales pages at our Web Site
  • Through sponsoring special PMB Genetic Influence Sales
  • By purchasing them ourselves for our future Commercial Heifer Development Program.

Step Four  -  Continue the Process ~ Build on Success:

Continue to evaluate the information.  COMPARE CURRENT RESULTS with ORIGINAL BENCHMARK results to VALIDATE your PROGRESS.  Repeat steps two and three with NEW GOALS AND PLANS.

Additional Benefits and Opportunities:

The DATA you are using to enhance your economic returns WILL ALSO BE USED by the PMB Genetic Alliance Members to MAKE BREEDING DECISIONS in their registered herds to SUPPORT YOUR GENETIC REQUIREMENTS.  It is a WIN - WIN situation for all who participate.


At Profit Maker Bulls, WE BELIEVE OUR SUCCESS can ONLY be achieved IF our CUSTOMERS ARE SUCCESSFUL.  Genetic suppliers should do more than shake your hand once a year at their bull sale.  They should be associates whose PRIMARY INTEREST is to help you ENHANCE THE ECONOMIC RETURN from your cattle operation.  The Profit Maker Bulls Integrated Vertical Cooperative is designed to provide significant Benefits to Commercial Cattlemen.

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