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If you are unable to attend the sale, watch and bid live via Satellite.

Superior’s live audio and pre-taped video of each animal selling will be broadcast via satellite by Superior Livestock Auction on RFD-TV, Dish Network Channel 9409 and DirecTV Channel 379.  Interested buyers can call in and live bid on the animal that is selling.

Superior Livestock representatives handling the phones will turn the bid in directly to the auctioneer.  Information and video buyers’ numbers can be received by contacting Superior Livestock at 1-800-422-2117 prior to or on sale day.  During the sale, the live bid-line phone number is 817-740-9025.

Satellite preview will begin on February 22 at 12:00 noon MST on RFD-TV.  Cattle will sell in consecutive catalog order.




How to Participate as an Absentee Buyer

We prefer for each of you to be in attendance on sale day. Realistically, we know there will be some scheduling conflicts and distance limitations.  In these cases, we have arranged for you to participate in the sale on an absentee basis.  Our sight unseen guarantee protects you against getting bulls that are not what you thought they were.  Also our free delivery policy takes care of how to get your bull home.  The method of participating in the sale without attending is through the Superior Livestock satellite system.  From your home you can view the animal being sold, hear the sale in progress, and bid personally to a Superior Representative who will relay your bid through a dedicated phone line to the auctioneer.  The sale can be viewed on the Dish Network channel 9409 or DirecTV channel 379.  With DirecTV you must have an elliptical dish to receive this channel.  Some earlier dishes on DirecTV will not pick up this channel.  These channels are the RFD channels.  If you receive RFD, you can view our sale from your home.  To participate on the satellite sale you must contact Superior Livestock at 800-422-2117 and specify the "Profit Maker" sale.

Buyer Registration & Inquiries

Prior to Sale Day (979) 589-2912 or (979) 255-9922
Sale Day (915) 673-7865

Sale Broadcast Live via Satellite

The sale will be broadcast live by Superior Productions on RFD-TV - DirecTV Ch. 379 and Dish Network Ch. 9409.

Sale Day Preview: 11:30 (CST)
Auction Begins: 12:30 (CST)

Video or Phone Bids

On sale day, call (817) 740-9025 to follow the sale and/or place your bids.  For nearest satellite viewing location, call (800) 422-2117.  All bulls sell with a sight unseen guarantee to video/phone buyers.  Let the Superior operator know if you want to be called before certain lots sell.

Abilene Sale