Silver Plume Ranch

Silver Plume Ranch
Silver Plume Barbara 617, a pathfinder cow
with 7 calves ratioing 106 at weaning
and 6 calves ratioing 105 at yearling.

Breeder:  Silver Plume Ranch

Principal Contact:  Dave Bittner

Ranch Location:  Paxton, Nebraska

Registered Calves Annually:  200

Participation in PMB Program:   Since 1983

Bulls Sent to PMB Annually:  75 - 80

Female Sales:  Private Treaty or as Commercials

Utilizes Artificial Insemination:   Yes, Including Owned Herd Sires

Utilizes Embryo Transplant:   Yes, Moderately

Industry Participation:

  • Member, American Angus Association
  • Member Nebraska Cattlemen's Association

Other Related Activities:

  • General Manager, Profit Maker Bulls

Breeding Philosophy:

The Silver Plume herd had been located in Colorado for  24 years.  For the past 11 years the Silver Plume herd has been in Nebraska, jointly managed with the Profit Maker Bulls cow herd.

Our breeding goals have been relatively constant for more than 20 years. LIKE the PROFESSIONAL CATTLEMEN who buy our bulls, we STRIVE TO PRODUCE multi-trait CATTLE TO OPTIMIZE COW maintenance COSTS WITH calf WEANING WEIGHTS. We stress FERTILITY in the cowherd as the MOST IMPORTANT selection TRAIT. To maintain calving intervals, the MILKING ABILITY of the cows must be OPTIMIZED WITH the RANGE FORAGE conditions that exist in Western Nebraska.

We test our bulls for post weaning growth and to compare the results of our breeding program with those of the other strong breeding programs represented in the Profit Maker Bulls Program.

SELECTION decisions are BASED primarily ON PERFORMANCE COMPARISONS. Cows whose calves consistently ratio below the herd average for either weaning growth or post-weaning growth are culled.

Our CHALLENGE as seedstock producers IS TO IDENTIFY young SIRES THAT can MAKE A CONTRIBUTION to the BEEF BUSINESS. We regularly SAMPLE YOUNG SIRES whose outstanding performance and phenotype HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED through their participation IN THE PMB PROGRAM. We A.I. to high accuracy proven bulls primarily to get a proof on the young bulls we are sampling.

The "proof" that we are seeking comes from COMPARING the PROGENY of the young sire to that of the proven sires. This includes PERFORMANCE in the pasture and during the test, the ACCEPTANCE level of our commercial bull customers and the REPRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY of the daughters in the pasture.

Contacting Silver Plume Ranch - Dave Bittner:

  • Telephone - Office:  (308) 284-8280
  • Telephone - Home:  (308) 284-6893
  • E-mail:

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