Profit Maker Bulls

Sale Selection

The Profit Maker Bulls Sale Selection BEGINS WITH the HIGH QUALITY of the Genetic Alliance Breeders COW HERDS.  It CONTINUES WITH the breeding DECISIONS that are made TO RESPOND TO the needs of our CUSTOMERS.

At weaning time, the TOP bull CALVES from 3500 to 4000 registered cows are SELECTED for participation in the PMB Program.  They are then put into HEAD TO HEAD COMPETITION with all the other bulls AT PROFIT MAKER BULLS.

PERFORMANCE results combined with EPD evaluation, ultrasound CARCASS composition and scrotal MEASUREMENTS are USED to rank each bull within test contemporary groups.  VISUAL appraisal is used to screen out bulls with undesirable phenotype.

The RESULT is the strongest and highest QUALITY end-to-end SALE OFFERING that you will be able to find.

Please check the Sales section for the DATES of our UPCOMING SALES, as well as for recent sale results.

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