The Program Profit Maker Bulls
Profit Maker Bulls is located in the Platte Valley of Nebraska near Ogallala, in the heart of cattle country.  Feed is plentiful, available and reasonably priced.

Platte Valley Hay Meadow

Our FACILITIES have been built SPECIFICALLY FOR BULL DEVELOPMENT.  Our development pens are spacious (300' x 400') and each pen accommodates no more than 40 bulls.  Pens have excellent drainage due to the sandy loam soil.  These facilities optimize health, stimulate exercise and enable bulls to be grown out with SOUND FEET AND LEGS. Bulls at the Bunk

The program begins with the JOINT DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING of Alliance Members' bull calves.

Bulls are developed on a high roughage ration formulated by a professional nutritionist after analyzing samples of our various feed ingredients.


Grow Safe Systems Individual Feed Consumption Measurement System
One of the few non-taxpayer funded systems in the USA

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Our test goal is to average 3.5 lbs. of gain per day over a 110 day test period. This is NOT A MAXIMUM GAIN TEST, but it does allow the bulls to express their genetic potential for post-weaning growth.

Rate of gain and cost of gain are closely correlated.  Rate of gain is moderately high in heritability.  Since most cattle pass through the feedlot on their way to the dinner plate, rate of gain is an important economic trait.  The COMPARISON of the RATE OF GAIN in a large population of bulls provides important SELECTION INFORMATION for our bull CUSTOMERS and for our GENETIC ALLIANCE BREEDERS.
At the completion of the test period, bulls are phenotypically screened to eliminate those that we do not think should be sold as breeding bulls.

Bulls who successfully meet our stringent performance and phenotype standards become Profit Maker Bulls.

5956 - Sold as Lot K at the 1995 Ogallala Sale
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Sold as Lot  49 at the 1999 Ogallala Sale

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