Profit Maker Bulls

Profit Maker Bulls

Breeder:  Profit Maker Bulls

Principal Contact:  Dave Bittner

Ranch Location:  Paxton, Nebraska

Registered Calves Annually:  300 growing to 500

Participation in PMB Program:   Since 1990

Bulls Sent to PMB Annually:  150

Female Sales:  Private Treaty or as advertised

Utilizes Artificial Insemination:   Yes, Heavily

Utilizes Embryo Transplant:   Yes, Heavily

Industry Participation:

  • Member, American Angus Association
  • Member, Nebraska Cattlemen's Association
  • Member, NCBA

Other Related Activities:

  • Cattle Judging:
    • Cooperates with Colorado State University and North East Colorado Junior College Livestock Judging Teams by setting up practice judging classes at PMB utilizing PMB bulls

Breeding Philosophy:

The PMB cows are MANAGED LIKE most COMMERCIAL COWHERDS in our area.

We started the PMB cowherd as a "TEST HERD". We wanted to make sure the kind of cattle that were producing the bulls we were selling to the commercial cattlemen in this area WOULD FUNCTION and thrive when MANAGED AS COMMERCIALS.

We also wanted to sample some of the most PROMISING YOUNG BULLS that were graduating from the PMB program.

Many registered breeders do not want to risk using young, unproven sires in their programs. At PMB, we believe a large number of POTENTIALLY GREAT breeding bulls are being lost to the industry because they are NEVER "DISCOVERED".

As a result, WE A.I. to the high profile "bull stud" sires just enough to get an ACCURATE COMPARISION of the siring ability of the young PMB graduates to that of the high accuracy proven bulls.

The "proof" that we are seeking comes from COMPARING the PROGENY of the young sires to that of the proven sires. This includes PERFORMANCE in the pasture and during the test, the ACCEPTANCE level of our commercial bull customers, and the REPRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY of the daughters in the pasture.

While this process takes several years, we have rarely been disappointed!

Please visit our Herd Bull Alley Page to see a few of our Graduates.

We are gratified to report that bulls coming from the PMB cowherd, including many sired by our young sires, have been selling above the average at recent PMB sales.

If you are in the area, stop by. We'd be happy to show you what the young sires we are sampling are capable of.


Contacting Profit Maker Bulls:
Dave Bittner
General Manager

Office:  (308) 284-8280
Home:  (308)284-6893

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