PMB IDEAL 1418 5808
PMB Ideal 1418 5808

"PMB Ideal 1418 5808" was the top performing bull at PMB from the 1998 - 1999 test.  He had a 205 day weight of 746 lbs. with no creep feed, i.e., from grass and mama only.  He went on to gain 4.93 lbs. per day, ratio 131, on a ration formulated for a 3.40 ADG.  His 365 day weight was 1535.  This was the all-time record yearling weight at PMB for non-creep fed bulls with more than 16,000 tested until his record was broken by 2 brothers. His progeny group was the top performing sire group in the PMB tests for 4 years competing with nearly 2,000 bull calves sired by a who's who of the breed.  Growth EPD's are in the top 1% of the breed.

Daughters are fertile, milky and productive.  We continue to use this highly proven bull in the PMB, and Silver Plume herds.

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