Profit Maker Bulls

If you have an interest in participating in the PMB Genetic Alliance, Talk to Us.  We'd be happy to visit with you about our program, and tell you about the opportunities for your participation and for your success.

We have openings now.

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Some general guidelines:

  • We PREFER to work with BREEDERS who have herds that are large enough they CAN SEND 25 or more bulls each year.
  • Your HERD QUALITY and breeding program must be STRONG ENOUGH to enable your bulls to SUCCESSFULLY COMPETE. (Many breeders believe their cattle are better than they are. Some breeders are both surprised and disappointed to learn their cattle are not as strong as they thought they were.)
  • We PREFER to work with BREEDERS WHO WANT to utilize the PMB program TO ENHANCE the QUALITY of their herds. This can be facilitated through the competition and comparison of test results, as well as by monitoring the acceptance of your bulls by commercial cattlemen.
Feel free to talk to the PMB Genetic Alliance Breeders about our program. I'm sure they will be candid with you.

Remember, if you have an interest in participating, Talk to Us. We always have time to explore the possibilities.

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