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Packers & Grids

MAXIMIZING the NET RETURN for individual CATTLE being sold REQUIRES the CATTLE be SOLD on the most appropriate GRID.  The most appropriate GRID can be DETERMINED through the COMBINATION of previously documented HERD HISTORY, and through the SKILL of the Feeders in ANALYZING the current MARKET potential when the cattle are sold.

Documented HERD HISTORY can initially come from Customer Genetic Evaluation Trial data, or later, from the Customer Decision Support System.  This INFORMATION will be made AVAILABLE to the Feeders so they can OPTIMIZE the NET RETURN to the owner of the cattle.

A PACKER REQUIREMENT will be to COLLECT and to PROVIDE individual carcass INFORMATION and individual carcass VALUES.

At the present time, we have access to these grids and packers.

  • Angus America - Excel Corporation
  • Angus Gene Net - ConAgra Beef Company
  • Samson Premium Beef - ConAgra Beef Company
  • U.S. Premium Beef - Farmland National Beef Packing Company

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