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The OBJECTIVE of the PMB Integrated Vertical Cooperative IS TO HELP CUSTOMERS to ENHANCE the NET INCOME from their operations.  We plan to do this THROUGH GENETICS AND INFORMATION that DOCUMENTS the GENETIC CAPABILITY of our customer's herds AS WELL AS by EXPANDING the number of AVAILABLE MARKETING ALTERNATIVES.

It is this DOCUMENTED herd HISTORY OF PROVEN RESULTS through the feedlot and on the rail THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO expanded MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES AND to ENHANCED SALE VALUES.  The key is to INCREASE the number of POTENTIAL BUYERS for your cattle regardless of how or when you plan to sell them.

Utilizing information derived through the Customer Genetic Evaluation Trial, and through the Customer Decision Support System, each cow/calf producer can make the first basic decision, i.e. to decide whether to sell his cattle as calves or retain either full or partial ownership, or some combination of both.

REGARDLESS OF THE DECISION that is made, PMB CAN HELP to ADD VALUE to cattle produced in source verified DOCUMENTED HERDS with a PROVEN HISTORY OF RESULTS.  If you prefer to sell your cattle as calves, take advantage of our Customer Marketing Support services.  If you want to retain full or partial ownership, check out the Feeders that are participating in the PMB Vertical Integrated Cooperative.  If you want to sell replacement quality heifers, visit with us about our upcoming Commercial Heifers Replacement Program.

Remember, the GOAL IS TO MAXIMIZE the number of AVAILABLE MARKETING OPTIONS and to INCREASE the number of POTENTIAL BUYERS for each marketing option to enable you to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the BEST OPTION and the HIGHEST PRICES that are AVAILABLE at the time you sell your cattle.

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