KCR Future Direction PMB

KCR Future Direction PMB is a product of the PMB Program.  He is the bull that PMB selected to use in their cow herd from about 200 Future Direction sons tested at PMB.  His progeny have exceeded our greatest expectations.

Phenotypically he was long bodied and deep ribbed with an exceptional rear quarter when viewed from any angle.  His proven EPD profile included WW in the top 7% of the breed, YW and REA in the top 2 % of the breed, $F in the top 1 %, and $B in the top 1% of the breed.

His sons have been some of the strongest bulls offered in the past several PMB sales.  Daughters in production have capacious, level udders with perfectly sized teats.

In 2009, Daughters produced the #1 and #2 All-Time Record High Performing bulls at PMB with some 20,000 + tested thru 2013. These bulls, PMB Total Answer and PMB Ultimate Answer are both current sires in Herd Bull Alley.

For Pedigree and current EPD information, please click on the following link to the American Angus Association's EPD/Pedigree Search page.


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