Profit Maker Bulls

Customer Genetic Evaluation Trials

The Customer Genetic Evaluation Trial WILL ENABLE cow-calf PRODUCERS who HAVE NOT TRACKED their calves THROUGH the FEEDLOT and on the RAIL to BEGIN the process of EVALUATING the genetic status of  THEIR HERDS.  This evaluation includes the ability to COMPARE the FEEDLOT PERFORMANCE and CARCASS QUALITY of their herd to that of other participating breeders.  HERD IDENTITY will be KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.  Each breeder will know the identity of his calves only.

In addition, it provides a FIRST STEP in the extremely important process of DOCUMENTING the genetic capabilities of YOUR HERD.



It has been said that sometime IN THE NEAR FUTURE, there will be TWO CLASSES OF CATTLE sold.  One will be SOURCE VERIFIED PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTED cattle.  These WILL SELL at the TOP OF THE MARKET whatever the market happens to be.  The OTHER CLASS will be COMMODITY CATTLE.  They WILL SELL at DISCOUNTED PRICES.

Participation will entail minimal risk on the part of the breeder.  Your requirement is to consign a minimum of 5 steers to the trial.  The maximum number accepted from a single breeder will be 10 steers.

The trial will be conducted at the PMB Genetic Evaluation Facilities near Paxton, Nebraska.  This is to ENSURE the CONDITIONS under which the trial is conducted WILL PROVIDE RESULTS whose VALIDITY will be AS GOOD AS it is humanly POSSIBLE TO DERIVE.

The trial will provide INFORMATION ON EACH INDIVIDUAL CALF.  The individual data will enable producers to see the WIDE RANGES IN NET ECONOMIC RETURN between INDIVIDUAL CALVES from the same herd, as well as between their calves and those of other breeders.  PRODUCERS will RECEIVE several IMPORTANT pieces of INFORMATION including:

  • A comparison of your herd with that of other producers.
  • A benchmark from which to compare future genetic change.
  • An indication of whether you may be forgoing potential profit by not feeding your calves.
  • A bargaining chip (if results are favorable) which can be used to sell calves at market topping prices.
  • Identification of traits where improvement will enhance economic results.
  • The ability to trace back each calf to his dam (if your calves are tagged at birth).
  • The potential ability to trace back each calf to his sire through DNA sampling.

The Profit Maker Bulls Customer Genetic Evaluation Trial is OPEN TO all PMB CUSTOMERS, or PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS who are SERIOUS ABOUT IMPROVING the economic RETURNS from their cattle operations.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in participating, CONTACT US for the current receiving schedule dates and for pre-receiving health requirements.