Profit Maker Bulls

Breeding Decisions

For commercial cattlemen, breeding decisions revolve around BREED SELECTION and THEN BULL SELECTION within the breed.  Making INFORMED breeding DECISIONS REQUIRES a plan and a set of GENETIC GOALS.  The free PMB Customer Genetic Consultation Service WILL ASSIST YOU in formulating your genetic goals.

Once your goals have been established, PMB WILL WORK WITH YOU TO IDENTIFY individual BULLS, (or semen from bulls), whose genetic TRAITS WILL SUPPORT YOUR GOALS.

The scope of the PMB Genetic Alliance makes Profit Maker Bulls one of the LARGEST SUPPLIERS of Black Angus Bulls in the world.  The GENETIC ALLIANCE MEMBERS and cooperator HERDS collectively own and manage BETWEEN 3500 AND 4000 Registered Angus COWS.  The LARGE NUMBER of bulls BEING EVALUATED, combined with our aggressive GENETIC EVALUATION PROGRAMS, as exemplified by the Profit Maker Bulls - Kiowa Creek Ranch Sire Discovery Program, RESULTS IN having MORE HIGH QUALITY BULLS for sale THAN ANY SINGLE BREEDER can provide.  Our Genetic Diversity is such that you will not have to change bull supplies to PREVENT YOUR HERD FROM BECOMING TO CLOSELY BRED.

WHATEVER YOUR breeding GOAL, whether it is to maximize weaning weights, produce optimum replacements, increase feedlot performance, or increase profits through retained ownership, WE HAVE BULLS IN QUANTITY THAT CAN SUPPORT ANY GENETIC BREEDING GOAL.

Our performance evaluation and Sale Selection Process, combined with our comprehensive selection information, TAKE THE RISK OUT OF YOUR PURCHASE.  Our extensive Customer Service Benefits make a PROFIT MAKER BULL the BEST VALUE you can find.

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