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More Bulls - Better Bulls

Quality IMPROVEMENT is largely made THROUGH SELECTION. The LARGER the POPULATION from which to select, the GREATER the selection OPPORTUNITY.

The Profit Maker Bulls SELECTION PROCESS begins with the combined cowherd of the Genetic Alliance Members. The COMBINED COWHERD  is about TWICE AS LARGE as that of the largest individual registered herd in North America. NO SINGLE BREEDER has the numbers to select from that we do.

The PMB selection process begins by receiving the TOP BULL CALVES from our Genetic Alliance Breeders. These bulls are SIRED BY a virtual WHO'S WHO of the breed.

At PMB, they are TESTED AND COMPARED for performance.

The top performing bulls are EVALUATED for soundness, muscling, capacity and balance. Then EXTREMES in frame size, big or small, are eliminated.

Bulls NOT MEETING our stringent requirements are ruthlessly CULLED.


Complete Performance Information - EPD's

Performance information is shown in our Sales Catalogs. The performance INFORMATION INCLUDES:  Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight (or recent weight on 2 year old bulls), Scrotal Measurements and Pelvic Measurements. EPD'S ARE PROVIDED for Birth Weight, Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight, Milk and Carcass Traits. Test Gain and Ratios are available on request.

Carcass Ultrasound Information

The use of ultrasound scanning of cattle to predict probable carcass composition is rapidly gaining in use among seedstock producers of all breeds.  The scanning is done when the cattle are approximately 12 months of age.  While we have been scanning our bulls for more than 10 years, the resulting data was not heavily used in our breeding decisions until the American Angus Association incorporated it into their Sire Evaluation database.

The GENETICISTS who developed the American Angus Association Sire Evaluation Program BELIEVE ULTRASOUND CARCASS TRAIT EPD'S are MORE RELIABLE PREDICTORS of the probable future siring ability for carcass traits THAN the INDIVIDUAL ULTRASOUND DATA is.  That is because the EPD calculations take into consideration data from half-sibs, as well as that from uncles, aunts and cousins.

PROFIT MAKER BULLS PROVIDES BOTH the individual scan data and the Ultrasound Carcass EPD's on all the bulls we sell.

PAP Scores for Cattle Going to High Elevation

Many cattlemen in Western States who run cattle at elevations above 5000' have experienced reduced performance, higher rates of sickness and death losses from Heart Stress or Heart Failure caused by high elevation.

The condition is commonly called "Brisket Disease".

Animal scientists and veterinarians from Colorado State University have developed a test which is used to identify cattle that may be either "more at risk" to develop this condition, or conversely, may have "a lower risk" for high elevation heart related problems.

This test is commonly called a PAP test.  PAP stands for Pulmonary Arterial Pressure.  It measure the blood pressure as the blood leaves the heart.  Cattle with low blood pressure levels, (lower PAP scores), are thought to be less at risk than cattle with high blood pressure levels.  The threshold PAP score for cattle running at elevations above 5000' is 42 or below.

In order to be valid, cattle being PAP tested must be at elevations higher than 5000' for 30 days preceding the test.

A high percentage of Profit Maker Bulls originate from ranches whose base elevations run from 5800' to 6800'.  Thus, natural selection, (death or culling of susceptible animals), has drastically reduced the incidence of high elevation induced heart problems in these herds.

However, as an added precaution, all bulls we sell into areas where the bulls may be running above 5000' are PAP tested by Dr. Tim Holt, Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, Gunnison, Colorado.  The PAP test is performed after the bulls have been resident in Colorado at 6400' for 30 days.  Dr. Holt is a recognized authority on high elevation heart failure, and has PAP tested more than 100,000 cattle during his career.

The individual PAP scores are published in our Sales Catalog.

Fertility Tested

ALL BULLS ARE fertility TESTED AND MUST PASS a breeding soundness exam before they are sold. The procedure is in accordance with the recommendations of the Society for Theriogenology, the body which has established uniform standards for this breeding soundness and fertility evaluation.

Customer Marketing Support  

  • Private Treaty Internet Sales
    If you have groups of cattle you would like to sell at Private Treaty, you can list them on our Customer Cattle For Sale page. Potential buyers will contact you directly. All sales will be by agreement between you and your buyer. There is no charge for listing the cattle you wish to sell in this way.
  • Satellite Video Sales
    Profit Maker Bulls has had an extensive advertising program in place for more than 16 years. Our ADVERTISING has always stressed HIGH QUALITY BULLS. If you wish to take advantage of our NAME RECOGNITION, you can use our Logo and the statement "CALVES SIRED BY HIGH QUALITY PROFIT MAKER BULLS" in the video catalog and on the videotape. We will assist you in coordinating this with your video sales company management.
  • Sale Barn Auction Sales
    When you consign your cattle to a Sale Barn auction sale, make sure to have the AUCTIONEER STATE that these CALVES ARE SIRED BY HIGH QUALITY PROFIT MAKER BULLS, or that the heifers or cows have been BRED TO HIGH QUALITY PROFIT MAKER BULLS, as the case may be. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the thousands of dollars we have spent advertising over the years.
  • Planned Marketing Support Activities
    PMB Genetic Influence Feeder Sales
    PMB Commercial Replacement Heifer Sales

Customer Visitation and Follow-up

Profit Maker Bulls is COMMITTED TO HELP its customers to ENHANCE the ECONOMIC RETURN from their cattle operations.  We are committed to HELP ANY of our customers WHO WANT OUR HELP in interpreting the information we provide.  We offer FREE genetic CONSULTATION to help make the breeding decisions that are required to ATTAIN the genetic GOALS that have been identified and prioritized, and WHICH SUPPORT the primary goal of ENHANCING the ECONOMIC RETURN from your cattle operation.

Semen Availability from PMB Herd Bull Battery

We have semen available for our customers from some of the finest herd bulls in the Angus breed.  You may choose from any of our high quality Profit Maker Sires. Semen from these bulls will assure you of a calf crop with above average performance and eye appeal.

Sight Unseen Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are UNABLE TO COME to either a PMB auction sale or to PMB to select your private treaty bulls, Talk to Us and tell us what you are looking for. We need to know what traits you want to emphasize, your price range, and any other information such as pedigree that is pertinent to your selection.

We'll tell you if we have bulls that meet YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.  If instructed to do so, we will try to buy them for you at YOUR PRICE. When the bulls get to your ranch, IF they are NOT WHAT WE SAID that they were, put them back on the truck and YOU DON'T OWN THEM. We buy lots of bulls for customers in this way. Your COMPLETE SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

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Free Delivery

We will provide free delivery on all bulls within 200 miles of the sale site. Free delivery will also be provided within the United States to buyers beyond 200 miles of the sale site whose total purchases exceed $10,000.  Alternatively, buyers who elect to pick up their bulls at the sale site will receive a $40.00 deduction from the purchase price for each bull they pick up.

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First Breeding Season Guarantee

IN ADDITION to the Standard Terms and Conditions recommended by the American Angus Association, PMB provides a FIRST YEAR BREEDING SEASON GUARANTEE to its customers. With this option, we guarantee bulls AGAINST BREEDING INJURY  to complete the first breeding season. Breeding season is defined as the 90 DAY PERIOD immediately following turnout.

This warranty does not cover mortality.

If you have a breeding injury, you can EITHER receive a REPLACEMENT bull of EQUAL QUALITY or a FULL PURCHASE PRICE CREDIT to be used in a future PMB sale. The choice is yours.

Salvage value will belong to PMB. Bulls injured after the first 30 days of breeding season will incur a $300 "breeding use fee".

All problems must be reported to PMB by October 1st of the breeding season.

This is OUR WAY to PROTECT the INVESTMENT that you have made in your purchase of high quality Profit Maker Bulls.

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Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts for customers who purchase five or more bulls at a single sale. The discount is 5% of the purchase price for 5 TO 9 bulls and 10% for 10 OR MORE bulls.

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Semen Available to our Customers
from PMB Herd Sires

Many of our customers have told us they are STRIVING FOR MORE UNIFORMITY in their calf crops. This can best be achieved through the use of CLOSELY RELATED SIRES in the breeding program. If you utilize A.I. in your breeding program, we will sell Attractively Priced Semen to you FROM OUR HERD BULLS. These are the same bulls that we are breeding our registered females to. This will allow you to A.I. YOUR HEIFERS and THEN USE SONS of the same A.I. sires to clean-up your heifers for MAXIMUM UNIFORMITY in the resulting calf crop.

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