Silver Plume Equator 399G

Silver Plume Equator 399G could have been named “Back to the Past” as his sire and dam were both quite old when he was conceived. His sire Papa Equator was the #1 growth bull in the breed in his birth year 1992. His dam is a daughter of Mr Profitmaker, bull # 200 thru the PMB Test Program Mr Profitmaker was the all time record performing bull at PMB until 2009. He was the # 2 progeny proven growth bull in the Angus Breed for his birth year, 1984. 

399G’s dam was 15 years old when based on her lifetime production record she was flushed to Papa Equator. A littermate to 399G was an Abilene Sale topper. Several littermate sisters and about 40 daughters have been retained in our herds. He has identified himself thru numerous progeny and grand progeny that we have tested as a leading Feed Efficiency Sire in our herds. He will be represented for many years thru his Daughters and Grand Daughters.

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