PMB Total Answer

PMB Total Answer is the #2 all time record performing bull at PMB from more than 20,000 tested. He is a true “Spread Bull” with Data from 3 herds putting his Calving Ease Direct and Calving Ease Maternal EPD’s in the top 1% and his BW, WW, and YW EPDs in the top 10% of the Angus Breed.

If you retain heifers, his $W is also in the top 1% of the breed.  

Total Answer has emerged as the #1 Feed Efficiency sire that we have identified thru our Individual feed consumption tests. This is based on 60 sons and daughters that have been individually tested thru 2013.    

His sons are consistently among the highest PMB $Total Profit bulls that we have seen.                    

We have used him heavily in our breeding program thru both A I and natural service. We plan to use him heavily for the foreseeable future.

For Pedigree and current EPD information, please click on the following link to the American Angus Association's EPD/Pedigree Search page.


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